Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wife & Husband Quit Jobs To Start CURLMIX


Anyone that knows me will testify I am a naturalista when it comes to things of the home , hair etc; meaning I like making everything from scratch. I was looking up a diy on what can I whip together to moisturize my dry hair (still haven't found it yet ) I came across Curlmix . A monthly subscription diy natural hair product mixed with natural ingredients.. I love that. I'm most def not a person who likes products other than my Shea Moisture Conditioner. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Does Anyone "Believe" Anymore ?

Here's a question for you? What is your belief? Christian? Baptist ? "Atheist"? For the past three years I've  noticed people just doing their own thing when it comes to spiritual beliefs, practices and thoughts. It's like the christian population is dying down and people are just getting down with the so called "New Age " ways. If you don't know what that is it entails psychic reading, chakras, pyramids, basically Consciousness. Conscious of what you ask? Conscious of your own being and who and what is in this universe we live in. 

As for me , sometimes I try to find a balance of how I feel and my thoughts of the things I've learned since leaving the nest of my parents. I was once a youth pastor ( seem so long ago ) singing praises to the Lord every Sunday. Then my perspectives had changed. Sometimes I reminisce of those times and how I felt spirituality. Lets just say life is pretty different when you now know there isn't a mysterious man in the sky judging you; or am I being judged?  By whom ? hmm (too deep for y'all lol ). Share your thoughts on this and how you believe the world today looks at religion or belief as the whole . 
Take a peek at shameless maya and her perspective , which sparked this article .

Monday, March 28, 2016

Women With Vocals Of Sass and Class


Its not often you find music of feeling or quirk in todays general music. Fortunately there is a avenue for such artists via NPR Music . Take a look at Deqn Sue with quirk and fun sas and Andra Day with soulful vibes. Not only that but they are women representing class.


Monday, February 8, 2016

Your thoughts .Your Reality

What are you afraid of? Criticism? Losing your supporters? If living unapologetically is the outcome then so be it. I fight with myself daily of all the things I want to be doing with my life or rather be doing in that moment. In my true essence all I want to do is service the community, do yoga and be in my spirituality. But its hard to do that when you have limitations on yourself not allowing yourself to be just that. Recently I moved into a house and today is my first day really being alone with my thoughts and boy they were talking to me.

Let me honest with myself and you. Opinions really matter to me from parents to my life partner to the slightest people because I always want to seem "perfect". Im not! We all are not! Should I apologize for it? Should I apologize for my realization I'm bi- sexual? Should I be apologetic because its not what I "should be"?  Does it make me less connected to the source? As I was journalling my higher self was telling me ultimately JUST BE!! and stop holding myself captive in my mind. Live your truth people !! live!!

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