Monday, September 28, 2015

A tribute To Mike Brown

I appreciate Francesca showing love to the past beloved Mike Brown. Rather turning up for her birthday she shed light on a brothers life and others who lives were taken too soon. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015


About two weeks ago after coming home from a tough day at work I thought to myself; You are more than this Natasha!! Then an idea came to mind. How about you make a video involving the community of people expressing what they are more than! Rather than just thinking of things I got  out my hole and went out and did just that. 
So far the project has been coming along great. I feel energized creating and vibing with people. When I ask a person "What are you more than".. it takes them a minute to think, because we don't typically think about that huh? We are always looking outward of what people think of us but what about you? What do you think. What are you more than? More than a teacher, a preachers daughter? What? Ask yourself this, Look within.
Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming video. 
Tag someone and see what they say #iammorechallenge

Monday, September 7, 2015

Music Monday: Azizaa :Black Magic Woman

On behalf of @Kemeticarts24 on instagram I discovered this awesome song. The song shows awareness of how western religion has conquered and influenced eastern cultures. What most people fail to understand "black magic " is ancient than any religion. It is a culture. 
The lack of understanding and the stigma of it being "evil" people turned away from it in exchange for the oppressors religion. Yes it is powerful and serious and it can be used for negative and positive purposes. It all has to do with the priest your dealing with and the motive. The power is tapped into from ancestoral energies and the almighty force. Nothing different from religions of today. It just looks "spooky" because of the dealing with dark matter i.e melanin. Makes sense? Yea it can get really deep . Fact of the matter is The artist Azizaa is unapologetic she is a "Black Magic Woman".

Watch below 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

"White People" Documentary Talks About Privileges And Discrimination

Interesting documentary on MTV popped up on my feed. Titled "White People" narrated by Jose Vargas. An documentary to open conversation with the white community. The documentary had shed light on their view points from privileges to opinions of other cultures around them. 

Watching doesn't change my perspective of caucasians; actually it proved them to be accurate. For example; while at the dinner table in a scene the word "ghetto" is bought up and how white people are shallow/ two faced.... I've seen my dose of this in my reality. 

My opinion on white people; You have some cool people due to evolution of mixing with other cultures or upbringing and some you have to watch due to programming, history and genetics. I don't hate them but I am aware of my history as a melaninated being. Not only being enslaved and taken from our native lands as well stole our history, changed it and deeming Yoruba (Voodun) (our original spiritual practice not religion) as demonic and many other things. 

I understand we are all spirits living a human experience and I deal with everyone as an individual but I won't forget the cause and effects of our history. Enough of my ramble.. watch it for yourself