Thursday, April 10, 2014

Holistic Living

Have you heard of holistic living? Holistic is a fancy word for living naturally.  Living naturally from food you eat to your lifestyle. This includes not eating gmo (fake food)or high frutose corn syrup food products. High frutose is in practically in everything just take a look on the ingredients label next time you shop.
I've been trying to live a holistic lifestyle since january such as using coconut oil for my hair and skin. Brushing my teeth with baking soda and lowering my meat intake.There are many things to be done to fully transition into a holistic lifestyle ; it even deals with spirituality.
This transition was big for me
considering the fact I used to eat fast food between 3 and 4x a week.Cutting it down to once a month since then I've lost 23lbs and shedding more by this lifestyle. Overall I feel lighter and more aware of myself as a person.
Ill keep u posted.

Monday, March 31, 2014

CodFish Friiters

Are you tired of chicken dinners and would like something new or different ?How about Codfish fritters? It's a quick delicious and filing dinner or appetizer. Whole cod fillets or salted Cod can be bought at a grocery store but is cheaper at Farmers Markets. If you buy salted cod it will need to be boiled for immediate use or soak overnight for next day use. Here are the steps and ingredients for this delicious meal. 
Salted Cod 
4 Sticks Of Thyme Leaves
2 Chopped Escallion
2 Cups of Wheat Flour
2 Cloves of Chopped Garlic
2 Slices of Green Pepper
Onion (2 Chopped Slices)
Black Pepper
2 Cups of Water (For a thick but light consistency).

Now for the steps.
1.Chop the cod into small pieces.
2. In a separate bowl add wheat or unbleached white flour with all chopped seasonings.
3. Add salt fish (salted cod) in mixed bowl and stir altogether. 
4.Once mixed into a lightly thick consistency; place saucepan with olive oil for frying under medium heat for 2 minutes.
5. Gather a spoonful of mixture and place a  fair dallop in a form of a circle into the pan.
6. Fry for 2 minutes then flip for golden brown color. Or flip according to your liking. 
7. Remove from pot and set to cool. 

There you have it codfish fritters. The photos above are not mine but from The Lovely Pantry who made the dish. Of course after I made mine the idea daunted on me to photograph and make a video but a little to late it was on my plate in a salad. But I instagrammed it a bit lol. Anyways Enjoy! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Suddenly Lupita Nyong'o is..

Why is it now "people" are hyping dark completed  women to be beautiful particularly Lupita Nyong'O? Darn it; we were always beautiful! It's our mindset that has trapped us into thinking we are less than. Images has programmed us to gravitate towards "lighter" things. 

 I recently had watched the award winning movie "12 Years A Slave" shows the the trials and tribulations of melaninated people. From those years of brain washing; most of us think of ourselves as a low group of people.This not so.Many years ago we were Queens and seen as brave, and strong. What happened? 
We stopped thinking for ourselves and started accepting what was said and done to us.

I have started putting a stop to this recognizing who I AM.Which is  dark skinned woman who recognizes she is beautiful strong, courageous and not the Russian names given to me.  A woman who is not defined nor by the ethnicity others want to assign to me. A leader, natural "wombman" that knows,trust,love,value,nurture and honors thyself.
 Wake up and be free.Do you know who you are?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Wife and The Girlfriend

Have you ever been submissive in your relationships? I know I haven't. What woman have you seen who has let her boyfriend have the last say in a argument or decision to be made? I know I haven't. Often women in today's society are probably influenced by the inappropriate acts from "women" in TV shows i.e Love And Hip-Hop. Ohk maybe it isn't just because of TV but of past relationships...etc. 
Often times I see a woman cussing her other half out and it turns into him disrespecting her and so on. Then it becomes a toxic relationship based of irrational actions. Aren't we supposed to be treating each other like the Kings and Queens we are. I'm not saying