Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Events: @IceAtlanta Ice Holiday Spectacular

Over the weekend I had the experience of attending a event put together by @iceatlanta. An event of  numerous business owners coming together  in one location to sell their goods with the community. The event took place at the Georgia Freight Depot in Atlanta near Underground. The burst of creativity filled the place from bohemian chic jewelry/ clothing, natural products and  hand crafted goods. 

I spoke to a few business owners to get insight of their journey in business and passions for their craft. Everyone had a unique story! What I noticed many business owners had stressed if you have a passion; PURSUE IT!! As I heard that more and more through out people's stories the more inspired I was to do the same. I enjoyed the experience and will possibly be a vendor net year. Its all about taking that step of faith right? 

Monday, November 16, 2015


In July LYFE received a new logo;created by me!The logo was created using Tailor Brands .With the colder weather amongst us;we decided to release a hoodie. Whatcha think? Available soon.   

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How Incorporating Bitter Foods Can Prevent The Flu

Since fall brings shorter days and colder days it is necessary to have strong immune system during this season. Some ways to build a strong immune system is eating/ drinking bitter foods. Bitters tend to have many benefits to fight pathogens in the body; preventing the flu. 

Incorporating veggies such as kale, turmeric, dandelions, ginger in tea or meals can make a difference in the body. An example of how I take in my bitters or auto immune herbs is by juicing. Juicing an vegetable/ fruit increases the intake of vitamins/benefits verses using it in cooking other ways, not to mention it gets into your system quicker.

I opted to incorporate dandelion into my juicing routine and it wasn't so bad ..after I had a couple of apples of course. 
You can get these ingredients at your grocery store( I suggest a farmers market). Make its organic! A good juicer can run as low as $30 and up.

Try these recipes.

Immune Booster Juice(s)
1 bunch  of Kale
3- 4 Apples 
Small end of ginger. 

1 Dandelion bunch 
3 Apples
2 Pears 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

All Natural Soap Company: Bayou Soap

Finally I have found a vegan soap!! While searching through Nubian Hueman ; I found Bayou Soap. A natural vegan soap line made with natural saponified coconut oil, clays, resins, fragrance oil . Located in Louisiana my shipment of soaps came within 2/3 days. Once I received the package the aroma excited me. At first I was skeptical if the high fragrance would effect my skin but no problems here. The scents I got were Rasta which smells a lot like berries as well as kush which has a scent of incense , and mango grapefruit with a warming smell. Shop here for the soaps! You won't be disappointed with the size (which is huge) or the service